Friday Evening~ Still not asleep!

Almost midnight, still not asleep.

I’m reading Anna Schmidt’s book, “All God’s Children” and will, God willing, write a review on it.

I’m also pretty involved now with Paperback Swap.  Check it out, if you like books, you’ll like PBS.

I’ve also started volunteering again, with our Friends of the Public Library group.  See if you can help them, in YOUR city!

More on that, later.



Missing Isaac ~ book review

This story was set in the 1960s, in a rural area. There was a solid friendship
between a wealthy family, and the people who worked their land, which is uncommon, but
not unheard of. Very well constructed and believable.
They had a lot of employees working in their cotton fields, and treated them with respect.

The characters were interesting, and their Southern way of speech and customs were done very well.
Pete, his family, along with the Picketts, and the town folk were all realistic.
There wasn’t much Christianity in the story, which kind of surprised me, and I hope Valerie
starts talking about Jesus, salvation, and the King James bible in her future books.
She has a real gift from God for telling stories that keep you attention, and that
don’t stress you out reading them.

I recommend this book, because it’s a good, clean read, no trashy romance or
innuendos, and plenty of detailed plots to keep you wanting to read more.
One of the best books I’ve read this year.

A Reluctant Belle book review

A Reluctant Bell, the daughtry house series, was not a book I could stay interested in.  Fans of Beth White will surely like this book, so please, by all means read it.

I found the writing to be on the level of perhaps 8th grade or less.  The characters didn’t appeal to me, nor did the way the story was developing.

In short, I couldn’t finish it.

Sorry, but every book can’t have a wonderfully  rave review.

This book was given to my by Revell, in exchange for an honest review.

Romans 10:8-13;  John 3:16-21



The Hope of Azure Springs ~ Book Review

I’d heard this book was great, and was looking forward to reading it.
In the first couple of chapters, this book was fairly interesting, and it was definitely clean,but around
chapter seven, I found myself wanting to hurry up and finish it.
In the beginning, it had substance, but the story withered away after a while.
Not a lot of history about orphan trains, just a surface examination of the topic. The characters
were underdeveloped, not strong, but I’m thinking a person with a few years yet to mature and experience
life’s ups and downs, will quickly identify with and enjoy this book’s level of intensity, which was
Acceptable in the relationship department, very clean. No heavy breathing, etc.
It could have had a LOT more Christianity and Scripture in it. Not much at all.
I’d say this book will appeal to young women, perhaps seniors in high school.

Book Review~Secrets on the Wind~ by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Secrets on the Wind is the story of how Jesus can use people

to rescue other people from the depths of sin, and how He stays with us, guides and shapes us, through the knowledge of Him that has called us.
Stephanie Whitson wrote a remarkable book, about a young woman who was brought from an awful situation with an awful husband, into a life of healing
and peace.

Throughout the story, Mrs. Whitson skillfully weaves the truths of redemption through
God’s only Son, Jesus Christ. The main character, Laina Gray, becomes the woman the Lord wanted her to be. This is done using relationships with other people, and by her seeking peace and understanding, trying to eradicate her past life and build a
new one, one she didn’t think was possible,

but, as Stephanie Whitson shows the reader,
all things are possible through Christ.
I enjoyed reading every page of this story, because each sentence had substance. Nary a word was written as fluff or filler.

You can tell the author put time and thought and used the
skills and God-given talents to introduce the readers to the One who makes all things new.
Please read this book, you will greatly enjoy it.