Trying to Stay Brave

Dad’s health is still declining, slowly.  He’s hanging on, though, even though Parkinson’s is taking away his mind and has just about taken away his body.

Husband has been cured of malignant melanoma.  Praise Jesus!

Now I’m waiting for lab results of my biopsy from some growth on my leg.  Doctor said it could be squamous cell cancer.

My sister in law is fighting breast cancer.

One of my daughters is having numbness in her feet, and it got to the point recently that she could not feel her feet on the gas pedal of her vehicle.


Marie Curie

I’m watching a movie about Madame Marie Curie, and have just learned about the scientist who stumbled upon uranium, but in a form called pitchblende:

I highly recommend this movie to anyone even mildly interested in chemistry or science.