My dad is dying.  Hospice says he is entering the dying process stage.  I visited him again today, and we talked for a while.  I’m so tired, this has been a long day.




I got this very handy vegetable slicer today.  Been wanting to make veggie chips, and I can’t handle the knife well enough to make uniform, thinner chips, and this does the work well. It also makes julienne slices, and something that resembles a shaving from a pencil sharpener.  Not sure what that’s for, but anyways, it’s all plastic except the very sharp blades, and easy to assemble, and easy to wash afterwards. It also has rubber GRIPPERS on the bottom of the box.

A great part of it is it’s all built in together, it’s a box, so you don’t have to hold a grater or slicer over a bowl, it’s just all enclosed.  It has two caps that you use to protect your fingers when you grate and slice.

Only 19 dollars.

A Love So True~ Book Review

I finished reading A Love So True by Melissa Jagears  this afternoon, and it’s an engaging and well-written story.  I recommend it to anyone looking for clean historical fiction/romance with good, solid research skillfully built in.   This novel held my interest all the way through, which is saying a lot!

The story begins in Southeast Kansas in a town called Teaville, in September of 1908.  We are in a factory’s  main office  with David Kingsman, son of the owner of the glass factory, A.K. Glass.  He’s been told to make a decision about the factory, whether to keep it running or sell it and move on.  After making up his mind, he goes walking in search of a good place to eat, and decides on the Hawk and Eagle Soda Fountain, after seeing a young man exit the building, and a young, respectable looking woman enter it. After looking around, he discovers he’s in a brothel, and starts wondering why a decent looking female would be in there too.  They’re in the red-light district of Teaville.  Then David starts following this woman around the seedy area of town, to make sure she isn’t in any danger, and thus the story begins.

The plot revolves around Evelyn Wisely, a woman who runs an orphanage for abandoned children of prostitutes, David Kingsman, aforementioned heir of A.K. Glass, Nicholas and Lydia Lowe, wealthy married couple in Teaville, and several other people associated with either the orphanage, the Teaville Moral Society, or David’s circle of friends.  David shows interest in Evelyn’s work of helping prostitutes leave their life of degradation, and gives support in any way he can.

Melissa Jagears addressed the subject of what we call sex trafficking, in a wise and insightful manner.  She goes into detail about the life of one of the women caught up in this web of hell, and further explains the repercussions of living a life of alcohol, prostitution, and the corrupt use of a person for financial gain.  I highly recommend this book for several reasons, one being the adept way Mrs. Jagears consistently brings to light moral issues that were handled in a different way than we do today, and how the details of the story show that she did a lot of research into the era and the subject of prostitution back then.

Now, Miss Wisely has a secret that the author does a GREAT job of obscuring, and when I found out what Evelyn’s secret was, my jaw dropped, and I was delightfully surprised.  Good job, Melissa!!

Excellently written book about important subjects, with a  romance to flesh out all the storylines in the book.

One thing I object to is the detail the author went into during the kissing scenes, but that was near the end of the book.

I was given a copy of “A Love So True” in exchange for an honest review of the book.


Weight Loss~ Day 12

So far, I’ve lost a total of 5 pounds and some ounces.  🙂  Yesterday I actually had 2 strips of bacon, a scrambled egg, and 2 slices of sourdough toast, unbuttered, at Cracker Barrel.  Of course, most of the week I was eating vegetables, fruits, milks, meats, and breads, some fats.  It’s all about knowing when you are hungriest, planning for that, and then using more of your “points” foods at that time.

Am exercising as usual, a bit less really, because I get tired and it’s getting very hot and humid here.  If this was winter, I’d love to walk around the block or go to a park and stroll for about 45 minutes.  Not gonna happen here in May though.

These weigh-ins help keep me going on track.

Chigger Ridge Soapworks

While listening to a radio broadcast last Sunday, I got curious as to where Sarcoxie Missouri is, so while looking it up, I found this lovely soapworks shop!

Chigger Ridge Soapworks….  Hand crafted soaps and lotions. 

Her facebook page:

I was sent a packet of their face cream, White Tea Face Cream, with vitamin E, and White Tea extract, and it smells lovely!  Fresh and light, a great summer fragrance.  I also have a bar of the White Tea premium hand-crafted soap, and I can hardly wait to try it in the shower.


The woman who runs the shop is very friendly, her name is Debbie.

I’m hoping to get a bar of the

Honeysuckle Soap  real soon!

The ingredients are simple: Saponified Oils (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, & Castor Oil), Fragrance, & Calendula Petals.

Check it out, it’s worth your time, and her prices are very reasonable.

Weight Loss Journey ~ Day 4

This afternoon, my stomach growled!  I haven’t heard that sound in a LONG time!  Praise the Lord!

Some foods today:  Lettuce, tomato, onion salad with Hidden Valley light ranch and balsamic vinegar, unsweetened iced tea with lemon, a couple of Ball Park turkey dogs on bread, pretty good day so far.  Yesterday I printed out a WW shopping list, most of the foods are fat free or low fat this or that,  produce, meats, dairy, canned foods, grains, and some frozen stuff like veggies, unsweetened fruits, and ww ice cream bars.  They have fat free mayonnaise, which is something I just won’t use, so I’ll count the fat points in real mayonnaise instead, and just be sparing about it.

I threw away some “hidden” candy, so, there’s no candy or cookies that I know about in the house.

I cooked a WW recipe:  barley, beef broth, onions, parsley, basil, and mushrooms.  It’s pretty good, and a nice change from bread and potatoes.  A brand new scale arrived today, and so far, so good!!


My daughter’s health is hopefully stabilizing now.  She’s been battling an illness for about 6 months.  She just got out of the hospital again a few days ago.

Got some knitting done, and laundry, changed bed sheets, walked the dogs, and then we got a downpour!  It’s been so dry here, the grasses are turning brown, and we have to run the sprinkler pretty often.  Today though, we had a big rain, and now all the trees and plants are perked up.

Hall of Shame

What I used to eat in a typical day, before Weight Watchers:

Panera asiago cheese bagel, with butter- 330 calories , butter-200 calories, 8 grams fat

2 tablespoons peanut butter- 188 calories, 16 grams of fat

Popeye’s fried chicken breast- 440 calories, 27 grams of fat

2 biscuits with butter and jelly- 266 cal, 12 grams fat for biscuits, 50 for jelly and 200 for butter

cole slaw or baked beans- 25 carbs per serving beans, 148 calories;  cole slaw: 220 cals, 15 grams of fat !!

“tastes” throughout the day of this and that

2 pop tarts;  76 carbs, 410 calories,  10 grams of fat

a candy bar- 230 cals, 11 grams of fat


Other favorite foods:  cheese and mayo sandwich: 60 cals, 4 fat, 110 cals, 14 grams of fat

Sonic hot dog or sauerkraut dog:  400 calories, 23 grams of fat

boy, this is embarrassing

McDonalds egg Mcmuffin:  300 cals, 13 grams of fat

McDonald’s sausage egg Mcmuffin:  450 cals, 28 grams of fat

waffle house stuff: eggs:  148 cals, 9 grams of fat;  toast: about 195 and 6

bacon, crispy:  180 cals, 12 grams fat  (3 slices, I won’t lie)

bread, cookies, candy, pork, ribs, potato salad, cheese, snack crackers, potato chips, all that junk.

Any other gluttons out there want to ‘fess up?  I doubt it.

Weight Loss Journey~ Day 3

Well, after a few bumps in the road, I’m getting settled in to eating differently, and better.   Weight Watchers is my main source for accountability and tracking, but I’m also using a guide my doctor gave me a while back.  Weight Watchers has changed their strategies SO MANY TIMES, it’s ridiculous to me.  Once it was drink 8 glasses of water each day, and they sold water cups, then it was count the fiber in everything, and they sold fiber foods, now it’s eat Smart Points foods, and they’re selling points calculators, little things about the size of  a cell phone : SmartPoints® are based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. Just follow your budget and start seeing results.  The Science of SmartPoints

Calories set the baseline for how many SmartPoints a food is worth.

  1. We then factor in sugar and saturated fat (which raise the SmartPoints value)
  2. We also look at protein (which helps lower it)
  3. The goal: You’ll start eating more fruits, veggies, and lean protein and less sugar and unhealthy fat.

It’s still the same mechanics, you get a certain amount of “points” you’re allowed every day, and each food is given a point value.  This time almost all fruits and vegetables are UNLIMITED, which is crazy.   That’s when I use my doctor’s sensible arrangement, and limit certain vegetables, like pumpkin, acorn squash, bananas, figs, papaya, because those vegetables are high in carbs.  NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE.

Another change I don’t like, no more books of points values to consult, NONE,  zero!!  So I have to enter my menu online now, and there is no list, either, and that’s inconvenient, but I do it anyways, to find out how they’ve changed the values of foods again this time.  Writing everything I eat on paper is better for me, and that saves trips to the computer.

Now, on the good side of things, I have noticed I feel better in the mornings, more clear-headed, shall we say, and less sluggish.  Also, my intestines are working better, and I have less cravings, probably because I’m eating foods with better nutritional value than I was.  So, try it if you can afford it, and stick with it and make yourself feel better.

Eating at fast food places is bad for someone my age, and now I have a good excuse to give my husband when he wants to eat somewhere that has ultra-high sodium (think Arbys, ChickFilA, Panera Bread, Cracker Barrel) or ultra high fat (think Wendys, KFC, Popeyes, Captain D’s, Burger King, some Starbuck’s, etc.),,20620588,00.html

So, I DO feel better, and can get through the day without wanting a second nap.  Sodium, fat, and sugar can kill you if you take in too much.  People, especially adults, don’t need half the calories they think they do.  We just don’t.

Weight Loss Journey ~ Day One

I’m hungry!  Used to eating a lot more than I am today and tonight, and so here I am, trying to take my mind off the slight hunger pangs.   I’ve joined Weight Watchers, too, and with the weekly weigh-in always in view, so to speak, I think that will help a lot.

My doctor has ordered me to lose weight, and I’m serious about it too, because my health is suffering from my lusts of the flesh.  I used food as a sedative, and now I’m without my “fix”, but oh well.  I got myself into this mess, I have to get myself out.  No one can do it for me.    Is anyone else having to work hard at losing weight?  Do you have advice?  Feel free to tell me.