Floral Design Class

Day 3 of Floral Design class.  I’m so tired, but having a lot of fun!  The instructor is interesting, and not only answers all questions, but explains them perfectly!  He has a good sense of humor, too.  He also has been in the business for decades, and has done so many many arrangements, weddings, funerals, and all that.

Today we had to make  a white, small bouquet, a mother’s day bouquet, a hair accessory, a wrist corsage, a boutonnierre, and then a cascading bridal bouquet.  I got to do a second cascading bridal bouquet, and use whatever I wanted to!  That was GREAT!

Here are the pictures, taken with my cell phone:

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Floral Design

I’m finished with day 2 of Floral Design classes. We’re learning a lot of things, a LOT, everything from marketing yourself using social media, to arranging all kinds of designs, to why this works and that doesn’t, to how to use the latest colors and how to appeal to everyone from the baby boomers to the millenium group.

Here are my very first flower designs.  One is the mound, shown from 2 angles, another is an asymetrical triangle with 3 points, (that was HARD), another is a triangle arrangement using white roses, white tulips, and white orchids, another is a dozen red roses arranged in a typical rose vase.  I’ve been getting good suggestions and feedback from the teacher, too.  I know these aren’t perfect, but I’m working on it.

sspx0050 sspx0051 sspx0052 sspx0056 sspx0060