The Everlasting Flame~ a book by Linda L. Chaikin

The Everlasting Flame, a book by Linda L. Chaikin

Linda L. Chaikin’s historical fiction account of reformed Protestants working to provide the world with the bible written in English is a book EVERY Christian needs to read. 

The topic was well-researched, and her story was structured in a way that made it easy to follow.  The basic plot :

Justin Brice and Lady Regina Redford, through a series of interlinked events,  join up with William Tyndale to translate and print thousands of copies of the Holy Bible, with the help of merchants and printers who are sympathetic to the Protestant Reformation.

The account is set in the early to mid-1500s in England, Germany, and parts of the Netherlands.  The reader will meet the true heroes of the Protestant Reformation, men and women who heroically risked their very lives in going against the corrupted Catholic church. 

You will learn about Erasmus, Bishop Stokesly, Dean John Colet, Martin Luther, Thomas Poyntz, Thomas Cromwell, and other real people who were involved, either for or against, providing understandable, English-language bibles for every person.





The Everlasting Flame exceeded my expectations, and kept me interested from chapter one to the end.

Throughout this wonderful historical fiction book, the message of determination, perseverance, in spite of horrendous consequences, and above all, a love for the finished work of Jesus Christ, the holy Lamb of God, was constant and encouraging.  This is a valuable historical lesson for every born again Christian.


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