Dogs, Birds, and Books

DOGS!  Such a busy day today!  I was walking my little Chihuahua dog towards home this morning, and 3 large dogs belonging to a neighbor were running loose.  Two Pitbulls and one Rottweiler!  Praise Jesus they’re friendly, so I wasn’t too worried.  I called the owner,who was at work, and she asked me and another neighbor lady to corral them in, so I ran down the street and called them, and surprisingly, they trotted home!  We secured them inside the owner’s house, and all was well.

BIRDS! This afternoon, my dogs and I were enjoying the cool weather and sunshine in the front yard, and as I sat there, I started listening to the sounds of God’s nature.  I heard the titmouse bird scolding, the yellow-bellied woodpecker chirping, and saw the cardinals flying here and there, going to the big bird feeder we have. A little Downy woodpecker ate some of the suet in a cage hanging from the feeder.  Also had a couple of European collared doves pecking at the seeds.  (They remind me of chickens) It was so nice and peaceful, the sky was blue and cloudless, and the sun was just warm enough as I sat in my black wool coat.  The dogs loved it too, and got that drowsy look while they sat on the grass near me. Well, one of my dogs won’t sit on the grass, so I put him on the lawn chair, and he was content.

BOOKS!  I called Bethany House Publishers today, and chatted with a delightful employee there, whom I won’t name, but she and I share many of the same interests, which was surprising, since I don’t know anyone personally who actually has read Jean Plaidy books, but this person has!  She also likes British history, and we talked for about a half an hour about common interests.  It was really nice to be able to converse with someone who reads the same books I do, and knows what I’m talking about .  She has met a couple of Christian Historical fiction authors IN PERSON, too, which to me, is very exciting!  Tracie Peterson was one, and Cathy Marie Hake was the other author she mentioned.  I’m reading a wonderful Christian fiction by Cathy Hake right now, called Letter Perfect,

and I’ll be typing a book review about that soon, so stay tuned!  



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