Song of Solomon: Cant. 6: [11] I went down into the garden of nuts to see the fruits of the valley, and to see whether the vine flourished, and the pomegranates budded.

FUN WITH FOOD PROCESSORS!!  Oh my, I’ve discovered the most delicious recipes for homemade nut butters.  I can’t eat whole nuts due to a health condition, and for a couple of years I was sooo disappointed, being denied one of my favorite foods- nuts!

Well, recently I bought a Black and Decker food processor, and gathered a few simple, and I mean SIMPLE recipes for various nut butters, and then set to work.

My favorite of all is pecan butter.  My recipe for that is, about a pound of shelled pecans, I used a one pound bag sold by South Georgia Pecan Company:  Next, I spread them out on a cookie sheet, and toasted them for about 9 minutes, at 355 degrees.  (I’ve also made pecan butter with non-toasted nuts, but I like the toasted flavor better).  Then, I lightly salted them, and put them into the work bowl of the processor, put more iodized salt,twisted it shut, and turned it on.  Using a spatula, I scraped the sides of the bowl periodically, to make sure all the pecans got well ground.  Around the time the nuts were turning to butter, I added a teaspoon or so of Lou Ana coconut oil, and it really gave it a good, smooth texture!   Then I poured it into a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid, and stored it in the refrigerator.  Of course, I ate about 4 tablespoons of it before I put it away, and it was still warm from being toasted, so, oh my oh my, what FLAVOR!

You don’t know what it’s like to be able to eat nuts again, after being told I could never do that.  Praise JESUS for food processors!

I’ve also made almond butter, with those Blue Diamond almonds, and that was pretty good.  I used half natural and half smokehouse flavor.  Also made a batch of walnut butter, but that wasn’t as tasty to me.  I tried adding macadamias, but that didn’t help the flavor  much.   Besides, macadamias are way, WAY too expensive!

Making my own nut butters, well, I love it, because I know exactly what’s in it! No preservatives! No sugar!

(I’ve also made hummus, with a can of chickpeas, lemon juice, raw garlic cloves, tahini, salt, and olive oil.  It’s delicious, too.)



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