A Love So True~ Book Review

I finished reading A Love So True by Melissa Jagears  this afternoon, and it’s an engaging and well-written story.  I recommend it to anyone looking for clean historical fiction/romance with good, solid research skillfully built in.   This novel held my interest all the way through, which is saying a lot!

The story begins in Southeast Kansas in a town called Teaville, in September of 1908.  We are in a factory’s  main office  with David Kingsman, son of the owner of the glass factory, A.K. Glass.  He’s been told to make a decision about the factory, whether to keep it running or sell it and move on.  After making up his mind, he goes walking in search of a good place to eat, and decides on the Hawk and Eagle Soda Fountain, after seeing a young man exit the building, and a young, respectable looking woman enter it. After looking around, he discovers he’s in a brothel, and starts wondering why a decent looking female would be in there too.  They’re in the red-light district of Teaville.  Then David starts following this woman around the seedy area of town, to make sure she isn’t in any danger, and thus the story begins.

The plot revolves around Evelyn Wisely, a woman who runs an orphanage for abandoned children of prostitutes, David Kingsman, aforementioned heir of A.K. Glass, Nicholas and Lydia Lowe, wealthy married couple in Teaville, and several other people associated with either the orphanage, the Teaville Moral Society, or David’s circle of friends.  David shows interest in Evelyn’s work of helping prostitutes leave their life of degradation, and gives support in any way he can.

Melissa Jagears addressed the subject of what we call sex trafficking, in a wise and insightful manner.  She goes into detail about the life of one of the women caught up in this web of hell, and further explains the repercussions of living a life of alcohol, prostitution, and the corrupt use of a person for financial gain.  I highly recommend this book for several reasons, one being the adept way Mrs. Jagears consistently brings to light moral issues that were handled in a different way than we do today, and how the details of the story show that she did a lot of research into the era and the subject of prostitution back then.

Now, Miss Wisely has a secret that the author does a GREAT job of obscuring, and when I found out what Evelyn’s secret was, my jaw dropped, and I was delightfully surprised.  Good job, Melissa!!

Excellently written book about important subjects, with a  romance to flesh out all the storylines in the book.

One thing I object to is the detail the author went into during the kissing scenes, but that was near the end of the book.

I was given a copy of “A Love So True” in exchange for an honest review of the book.



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