Weight Loss Journey ~ Day 4

This afternoon, my stomach growled!  I haven’t heard that sound in a LONG time!  Praise the Lord!

Some foods today:  Lettuce, tomato, onion salad with Hidden Valley light ranch and balsamic vinegar, unsweetened iced tea with lemon, a couple of Ball Park turkey dogs on bread, pretty good day so far.  Yesterday I printed out a WW shopping list, most of the foods are fat free or low fat this or that,  produce, meats, dairy, canned foods, grains, and some frozen stuff like veggies, unsweetened fruits, and ww ice cream bars.  They have fat free mayonnaise, which is something I just won’t use, so I’ll count the fat points in real mayonnaise instead, and just be sparing about it.

I threw away some “hidden” candy, so, there’s no candy or cookies that I know about in the house.

I cooked a WW recipe:  barley, beef broth, onions, parsley, basil, and mushrooms.  It’s pretty good, and a nice change from bread and potatoes.  A brand new scale arrived today, and so far, so good!!


My daughter’s health is hopefully stabilizing now.  She’s been battling an illness for about 6 months.  She just got out of the hospital again a few days ago.

Got some knitting done, and laundry, changed bed sheets, walked the dogs, and then we got a downpour!  It’s been so dry here, the grasses are turning brown, and we have to run the sprinkler pretty often.  Today though, we had a big rain, and now all the trees and plants are perked up.


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