Weight Loss Journey~ Day 3

Well, after a few bumps in the road, I’m getting settled in to eating differently, and better.   Weight Watchers is my main source for accountability and tracking, but I’m also using a guide my doctor gave me a while back.  Weight Watchers has changed their strategies SO MANY TIMES, it’s ridiculous to me.  Once it was drink 8 glasses of water each day, and they sold water cups, then it was count the fiber in everything, and they sold fiber foods, now it’s eat Smart Points foods, and they’re selling points calculators, little things about the size of  a cell phone : SmartPoints® are based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. Just follow your budget and start seeing results.  The Science of SmartPoints    https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/food

Calories set the baseline for how many SmartPoints a food is worth.

  1. We then factor in sugar and saturated fat (which raise the SmartPoints value)
  2. We also look at protein (which helps lower it)
  3. The goal: You’ll start eating more fruits, veggies, and lean protein and less sugar and unhealthy fat.

It’s still the same mechanics, you get a certain amount of “points” you’re allowed every day, and each food is given a point value.  This time almost all fruits and vegetables are UNLIMITED, which is crazy.   That’s when I use my doctor’s sensible arrangement, and limit certain vegetables, like pumpkin, acorn squash, bananas, figs, papaya, because those vegetables are high in carbs.  NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE.

Another change I don’t like, no more books of points values to consult, NONE,  zero!!  So I have to enter my menu online now, and there is no list, either, and that’s inconvenient, but I do it anyways, to find out how they’ve changed the values of foods again this time.  Writing everything I eat on paper is better for me, and that saves trips to the computer.

Now, on the good side of things, I have noticed I feel better in the mornings, more clear-headed, shall we say, and less sluggish.  Also, my intestines are working better, and I have less cravings, probably because I’m eating foods with better nutritional value than I was.  So, try it if you can afford it, and stick with it and make yourself feel better.

Eating at fast food places is bad for someone my age, and now I have a good excuse to give my husband when he wants to eat somewhere that has ultra-high sodium (think Arbys, ChickFilA, Panera Bread, Cracker Barrel) or ultra high fat (think Wendys, KFC, Popeyes, Captain D’s, Burger King, some Starbuck’s, etc.)


So, I DO feel better, and can get through the day without wanting a second nap.  Sodium, fat, and sugar can kill you if you take in too much.  People, especially adults, don’t need half the calories they think they do.  We just don’t.


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