Hall of Shame

What I used to eat in a typical day, before Weight Watchers:

Panera asiago cheese bagel, with butter- 330 calories , butter-200 calories, 8 grams fat

2 tablespoons peanut butter- 188 calories, 16 grams of fat

Popeye’s fried chicken breast- 440 calories, 27 grams of fat

2 biscuits with butter and jelly- 266 cal, 12 grams fat for biscuits, 50 for jelly and 200 for butter

cole slaw or baked beans- 25 carbs per serving beans, 148 calories;  cole slaw: 220 cals, 15 grams of fat !!

“tastes” throughout the day of this and that

2 pop tarts;  76 carbs, 410 calories,  10 grams of fat

a candy bar- 230 cals, 11 grams of fat


Other favorite foods:  cheese and mayo sandwich: 60 cals, 4 fat, 110 cals, 14 grams of fat

Sonic hot dog or sauerkraut dog:  400 calories, 23 grams of fat

boy, this is embarrassing

McDonalds egg Mcmuffin:  300 cals, 13 grams of fat

McDonald’s sausage egg Mcmuffin:  450 cals, 28 grams of fat

waffle house stuff: eggs:  148 cals, 9 grams of fat;  toast: about 195 and 6

bacon, crispy:  180 cals, 12 grams fat  (3 slices, I won’t lie)

bread, cookies, candy, pork, ribs, potato salad, cheese, snack crackers, potato chips, all that junk.

Any other gluttons out there want to ‘fess up?  I doubt it.


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