Review of The Corn is Green ~ Movie

I won’t give away the story here. If you want spoilers you can read them elsewhere.  This will be a bare outline of the movie.

The Corn is Green has an all-star cast, in my opinion.  Bette Davis was convincing as a spinster schoolteacher, and she was engrossing in her role. The movie is black and white, and was shown in 1945.  Others in the cast include:  Nigel Bruce, John Dall, Rhys Williams, and Joan Lorring.  Joan played Bessie Watty, a very headstrong girl who got too involved with Morgan,  and played the part of a reckless, rude, common girl very convincingly.

John Dall was captivating as the Welsh miner teen who showed potential in an essay the students wrote for Miss Moffatt(Bette Davis).  Miss Moffatt and he dominated the story, but the supporting actors and actresses were excellent in their roles!

I haven’t watched the version with Katherine Hepburn yet, maybe I will though.

One thing I did NOT like about the movie was the slurs against Christianity, there were 2 or 3.  It looks like even back in the 40’s Hollywood was trying to eat away at Judeo-Christian values and serious Christians.  The whole movie could have been produced without the derogatory lines that were said.

Anyways, borrow it from your local public library, and watch the movie sometime.



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