Grace Livingston Hill Books

If you’ve never read a book by Grace Livingston Hill, you really must do so!  Her books are Christian fiction with a moral to each story, and all ages can and do appreciate her stories.

Right now I’m listening to a Librivox recording of GLH’s Marcia Schuyler, and it’s so interesting.  I will tell you more about it later.  It’s time to listen to the radio drama:  Unshackled.

This is a good book, suitable for all ages, a well-written Christian novel about real life situations. Unrequieted love, treachery, sin, patience, virtue, abstaining from the appearance of evil, adultery, and so much more! I think most of the reviewers missed an important part of the story, and that was the intense description Mrs. Hill gave of Kate’s wickedness. She said the devil was manipulating her, and Mrs. Hill showed how ugly sin can make a person. I have not finished the book yet, am around chapter 21, and am listening to it via Librivox audio recordings. (which is a wonderful organization, btw!)

More later!
Romans 10:8-13
John3:16-21 Marcia Schuyler (Miranda Trilogy #1)


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