A Letter from a Christian Grandma

Dear Teenaged Grandchildren:Enclosed in this box are two bibles, one for each of you.  You might not think this is the best gift, but then again, you might.
It is my sincere, loving hope that today, or someday soon, you both will give your hearts and minds and lives to Jesus Chist, and read this bible EVERY day for the rest of your life, learn why God so loved the world.  To learn why He gave His only begotten Son, and how easy it is for you,grandson and you, granddaughter, to become truly born again.  Jesus made it easy for us, even though He suffered horrendously on that cross to pay for our wicked sins.  God doesn’t want any of us to go to the Lake of Fire on Judgement Day, and that’s why He made Jesus the only acceptable sacrifice for all of our sins.  All YOU have to do is repent of your sins, ask Jesus to save you, believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, and then tell others about the gift of God which is eternal life, through Jesus Christ the Lord.

Both of you are old enough to make a choice about this, and every day and night that you put it off, you are losing valuable time that could be spent living a life of Godliness, and reading your bible, and being a light in a very dark world.
It’s your choice, now.

Jesus loves you, and I guess he saved me for this reason, (and many others) so that I would pass this knowledge of the gift of grace down to you, and the daughters he gave me, and  I’ve done that.  Now all the responsibility is on your shoulders.  I hope that you will choose the peace that passeth all understanding.

Love forever,
Your Grandma

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