Farewell, Friend

A few nights ago, I learned a friend of mine had died recently.  Her daughter and granddaughter came to my house to tell me, and it was so sad to hear.  My friend Jean had been ill for a long time, but she always managed to get over it, and get healthy again.  Not this time, not this time.  😦

Her daughter said she had said she was ready to go meet Jesus, and I’m happy to hear that.  Jean and I talked a lot about being born again, salvation, and Christian living.  I bought her a bible, too, as she said she didn’t have her own.  I had it engraved with her name on the cover, too.   It’s extremely important to be born again, and then to live your life FOR Jesus, instead of yourself,or even to the whims and preferences of others.  Live for Jesus, no matter what your family and friends say.

I sent her family a bouquet of FTD Classic Beauty flowers, and a sympathy card.  Jean, you sure are missed. I wish I could call you tonight, and just say hey, and hear the smile in your voice.   I wish we had talked more often, and I’m sorry I was so selfish and lazy to put off visiting you in the hospital.  What a dummy I was.  Jesus, please tell her I’m sorry I was so lazy.

Flowers for Jean:flowers-for-jean


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