Old Age

It’s terrible being old and frail.  My dad is 89, with Parkinson’s, being cared for by nurses and staff, but he’s skin and bones, his feet are cold and blue tinged.   He’s 120 pounds, or less.  I cut his fingernails and toenails today for him, and he’s so old now.  Skinny legs, bony knees, bony feet, skinny arms and hands.  He can’t walk by himself, nor do personal care.

I brought him some Haagen-Daas ice cream and some strawberry cheesecake cups by Jello, and a few other treats, because he likes to eat sweets.  He’s thin as a rail, even though he eats all that fattening food.

I hope I never get that old and frail.  If I do, that’s the way it will have to be, but it’s not happy and wonderful after a person retires.  The commercials are all lies.  Most seniors get sick, and have to stay in bed for the last years of their life.   They have to either wear diapers or catheters, can’t walk by themselves, can’t even hold a book to read it, can’t remember what they did 20 minutes ago, and God help them if no one cares about them.  Society treats it’s elderly like they treat unborn children, it seems.

Nearing the end of life is a very difficult time for old people.

A long time ago someone said, “Life is hard, and then you die”.  Yes, I know life can be wonderful and beautiful, but old age is probably the worst time of a person’s life.  I mean, the last couple of years, not old age in general.


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