Hurricane Matthew

Wow, what a catastrophic hurricane Matthew turned out to be.  From a tropical storm to a category FIVE in a very short time, with a central pressure unusually high.

From Jeff Masters at Wunderground:

Matthew put on a spectacular and wholly unexpected display of rapid intensification on Friday, strengthening from a tropical storm to a Category 5 hurricane in a remarkably short period of time—just 36 hours. It’s a good thing this unexpected rapid intensification burst did not occur as the hurricane was approaching landfall in a heavily populated area, with a population unprepared for a catastrophic hurricane strike. There have been other storms that have intensified even more rapidly from tropical storm strength to Category 5 than Matthew, though. For comparison, Hurricane Wilma of 2005 and Hurricane Patricia of 2015 accomplished the feat in 24 hours; Hurricane Felix of 2007 did it in 30 hours; Hurricane Rita of 2005 and Hurricane Andrew of 1992 did it in 36 hours; and the Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 did so in 42 hours.

Oct 1, 2016, 6:00:00 PM GMT
13.2N 73.4W
140.0 mph
943 mb
More predictions from earlier this week, but PRAISE GOD, the forecast is for Matthew to turn AWAY from the east coast, or a lot of it.
matthew-predict-9-pm-sept-30 matthew-prediction-sept-30-2016 matthew-prediction-ventusky-9-29 matthew-prediction-wunderground
The first 3 screen shots are from a fascinating web site called Ventusky.  Go there, and look around, and be sure to click “wind speeds”, and then click up higher in the atmosphere.

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