Dad is sick with Parkinson’s Disease.  PD is erasing his short term memory, and his ability to walk, swallow, and take care of himself.  Parkinson’s is a horrible disease.  What makes it very bad, worse than Alzheimers, is that the recipient of PD is aware, almost fully aware, of his or her condition, and the deterioration of their body and mind.

Ever see the movie, Charley?  You should watch it.  Another name for that movie is Flowers for Algernon.

In my dad’s case, it’s the other way around, an intellectually gifted near genius is changing into a mentally disabled, physically incapacitated person.

He tries to be cheerful, but underneath that facade, he’s disgusted, and afraid.

PLEASE be kind to old, disabled people.  They can’t help it.  They really can’t.  And SHAME ON YOU if you take advantage of, or steal from old people.

Shame on you!


Romans 10:9-13

John 3″16-21


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