Awful HEAT!

I will never understand 2 things about people and weather:
1. Why anyone wants to live in Florida
2. Why people build their lovely 2-story homes ON the sand at the beaches

For all of this month, the temperatures IN THE SHADE, mind you, will reach 98 or so, with heat indices reaching 105-110. In the shade. In the direct sun, temperatures can and do go as high as 120 degrees, which is very dangerous heat and humidity Florida is a tropical climate. Humidity,sweat, body odors from the sweat, are all part of summer here.

Night time isn’t much better, with lows in the mid-seventies. Small breezes, around 5 to 10 mph for the next few days.

Of course, this means the oceans are also heating up, which fuels hurricanes. Those horrible monsters that kill people, destroy homes on the beaches and inland, cause deadly flooding, and spawn tornadoes.

We also have a plethora of insects and dangerous animals: alligators, sharks, snakes, roaches, mosquitoes, mosquitoes, and gnats, mosquitoes and chiggers,wasps, mole crickets, maggots, fire ants, spiders, black widow and brown recluses, remember, flies, and jellyfish.

Why do people move to Florida? Do you enjoy sweating and being in a volatile climate? I just don’t get it. Why do people build houses at the beach, the Atlantic ocean beaches, and then get upset when their yards wash away, or the storms beat down their houses? Makes no sense to me.


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