Fire and Rescue Community Exhibit and Demonstration

Hubby and I had an interesting tour of our local Fire and Rescue Department’s rescue and communications equipment Saturday! I learned that the firemen do SO MUCH MORE than put out dangerous fires! They are Emergency Medical Technicians, first responders, electricians, computer techs, inspectors, and even psychologists! Here in hot, humid Florida, their job, I believe, can be extremely stressful, because of the heavy protective suits, hats, and gloves they must wear in order to stay safe while fighting fires in 100 degree heat!
The firemen were so courteous, very friendly, and had answers to all my questions. I learned a great deal, and came away from the tour highly impressed and full of a greater respect for the men and women who save our lives, homes, and families.
Posted below are photos I took of several things we saw during our educational visit.

fire truck ladder

firetruck big

firetruck cab

firetruck communic wires

firetruck ladder extended


communications inmarsat

communications inside

medic 1

medic kits

medic o2 bp

medic seats 18

medic shocker

medic suction stuff

SAR canine

SAR dog trainers

walkie talkies


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