Today, hubby and I went to church, and listened to the preacher talk about how important it is to marry the person God chooses for you. He also said, if you’re already married, that is for life, and if you put Jesus and His Word into your marriage, it will be so much better. The bible text was from Genesis, Chapter 24, how Isaac got Rebekah for his wife.
After church, I took a nap, and then spent some time buying butterfly-attracting plants for my garden. Now I have several hours of back-straining planting ahead of me, which is the only part of gardening I dislike. Before buying plants, hubby and I spent 2 hours freeing up several sprinkler heads from roots that had grown around them, preventing them from popping up out of the ground and doing their very important job.
So, with the sprinklers working, it’s ok to plant. I also bought some grass seed, to help “fluff up” the front lawn. We got some bare patches during the winter, so I’m hoping this grass seed takes root and fills in the bald spots.
After that, I spent time trying to get this shawl knitted up and finished. It’s the pattern some of us in my group online are knitting at the same time. Two ladies have finished theirs, and I’m working to get this last section knitted up, so I can move on to other, shorter projects, and one big project. I’m in the process of knitting a lap blanket for either my dad, or a Hospice patient, as part of my grieving process. I’m already trying to deal with the inevitable loss of dad, by working on this blanket. I talked to him today, he still sounds very good and alert. I hope he makes it through another year, it would be nice to have him here next Christmas, but God only knows. My mother died several years ago.
My selfishness wants you to always stay by my side.
Knowing that you are going to be gone,
Won’t make your leaving any easier.



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