Visiting Dad

Yesterday, I, one of my daughters, and my ex visited my dad at his house. He’s 89, and his health has been going downhill for the past year or more. He responds well to current topics we talk about, he just does not remember much about the recent past. He’s 6 feet tall, and down to 125 pounds. He uses a walker, but still does some leg exercises. He has trouble eating solid foods, and needs to use a thickener in some of his drinks so he doesn’t choke.
So, we all sat around in his living room, chatting it up, laughing, telling jokes, ribbing each other, and keeping it all upbeat. He seemed to really enjoy it, and while they were visiting, his lady friend wanted me to drive her to the store to get a few items, so we left, and it took about 45 minutes for the whole trip down the road. I had to search the store to see where she had walked off to, grocery shopping, I finally saw her heel zip past towards another aisle, so I trotted that way, and caught up with her. For an 85 year old woman, she’s very spry. Tiny, too.
After we got back and I unloaded her groceries for her, the conversation was still going strong, although dad looked a little dazed, staring off into space, so I politely ended the visit a few minutes later. I think he was getting tired, and needed a nap.
It was a good visit.
He has not fallen but one time since my daughter and I rolled up all the scatter rugs! Hospice nurses come by 3x a week to care for him, and keep an evaluation going. I’m glad he can stay home for now, and not be in a nursing home. Not yet. I understand completely why people DO need to be in nursing homes, though. No judgements here.
You never know how you’re going to act in a circumstance until it actually happens to you. So it’s best to try to be kind and Christ-like when listening to others tell you why they did something. You just never really know, until it happens to you.


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