Community Hospice Thrift Store

Today was my very first day volunteering for the Hospice Thrift store here in town.
I enjoyed the tour, the place is HUGE! There’s a very nice, clean break room, too.
I began working at the ladies clothing area, tagging clothes with color-coded price tags. The tagging “gun” was easy to use, no jamming, no problems. I did stick myself in the finger once or twice, though. Also, I learned how to print out price labels, and stick them onto the little colored card backings, storing them in a plastic box on the top of the desk there, sorting them according to price. I quickly learned which price tags get used up fastest.
The first woman I met showed me what to do, and she was very nice. I felt comfortable with her. The ladies who have been running that area for a while, I met them, and they were friendly enough, but I didn’t feel like I was helping as much as I thought. I felt more “in the way”. No problem.
Then, I felt the need to sit down, having not stood on my feet for so long in a while, and kept myself busy while sitting at the desk. I took a short 10 minute break, to taste the homemade chicken soup, made by the boss, who was also sitting in the breakroom, chatting with other volunteers.
After about 3 hours, I decided to clock out and go home. After I got home, I called the other boss and let him know I’d like to come in again, and see what other days of the week are like, and he said that was fine!
I must say, that Thrift Store is the cleanest one I’ve ever been to. They have nice merchandise, no stained or ripped clothing, etc. There was a pretty blue wedgewood bowl in there the other day, I just love cameo stuff and wedgewood knick knacks.

So, that’s it for the first day volunteering at Hospice Thrift Store. I hope I get my name tag on a lanyard soon.


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